I was bitten by the astronomy bug in the 3rd grade. I received my first telescope at age 10. Back then you could actually see the stars from your own back yard in suburban America! Most people never bother to even look up now, and when they do they are greeted by sky awash in man-made light. If they are lucky, they may see the Moon, a few planets, and a couple of the brightest stars. Nothing like the myriad of stars, and the majestic clouds of the Milky Way with all its faint fuzzies that we were treated to back in the olden days.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse - Unitron

In The Photo – My children are seen here with long time family friends Grady and his sister Becky. This picture was taken at Grady’s house in Salisbury NC during a Solar Eclipse back in the mid 1990’s.

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