CQ CQ CQ…I was first licensed in 1997 as a technician class operator after successfully completing the examination at the Shelby Hamfest. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued my station the id/call sign of “KF4TVI” which I still hold today.

For the most part, when operating my station I like to use QRP (Which means Low Power.) in the 6 meter band using SSB (Single Sideband)…when conditions are favorable. I can also be found on 10 meters (SSB), 2 meters (FM) and maybe one day I will be back on 440 (FM) as well.

The diversity of people found in the Amateur Radio community is truly amazing, and the range of activities you can participate in that can incorporate Amateur Radio is staggering.

Regarding QSL cards – I promise to return QSL 100%!

My mailing address is correct on both QRZ and eQSL as well as in the FCC database. Even though I enjoy and actually prefer the real QSL cards and stamps as proof of contact, and also as a physical memento to enjoy for years to come, I understand that not everybody shares my admiration for such things and the cost associated with them. As such, feel free to use alternate methods like eQSL and now even QRZ for contact verification. If you just want to get in touch or check on why your QSL card hasn’t arrived then please use the form on my Contact Page.

If you live in the Salisbury NC area or are just visiting and looking for something to do, please take a moment and visit the website to the Rowan Amateur Radio Society. You can find them at: www.rowanars.org.

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